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Featuring Jessica Brick

A Fete Worse Than Death is a new comic murder mystery featuring the best detective of them all. Jessica Brick is an elderly spinster who lives in a sleepy English village. When she decides to become a crime solver, nobody thinks she’ll succeed … and they’re right. She’s clueless.

An exotic wine enthusiast is murdered at the village fete, and Jessica sets to work. Somehow, she stumbles upon the truth…

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“Jessica Brick […] is just marvellous – while she is, no doubt, a good-humoured parody of the Jessica Fletchers and Miss Marples of the world, Bernthal still manages to give her a distinct flavour all of her own. I can’t wait for the next story!” — Quen Took, on Amazon UK


Jessica Brick, an elderly spinster, has set up a detective business in her sleepy English village. But nobody wants to consult her. They all think she’s just a batty old busybody — and they’re right.

When Jessica’s nephew, Harry, becomes engaged to a millionaire, his aunt is keen to meet the family. But a death at the dinner table means things will never be the same again. Armed with a cape and a new golden walking stick, can Jessica solve the case before the police arrive? Or can she, somehow, stumble upon the truth?

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“The story line is witty and fast moving and it’s great to see the return of this lovable and well meaning busybody.” — Tina, on Amazon UK


In Jessica Brick’s third case, she faces her toughest challenge yet: living and working alongside her older sister, Constance.

Meanwhile, a case is keeping both women busy. The village’s — perhaps the world’s — greatest Agatha Christie enthusiast consults Jessica over a threat to her treasured collection of memorabilia. But when she plans to consult the police, she is murdered … in a case so confusing it would test Poirot’s little grey cells to the limit.

Will Jessica’s little white cells stand a chance? Might the serene Constance hold the key to mystery…?

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“I found this story witty and amusing [… T]he puzzle is very clever.” — Prof. Daniel A Nicol, on Amazon UK


Jessica Brick has written a novel. It’s bound to be the next big thing. But her nephew, asuccessful author, doesn’t want to read it. He wants to get her out of the house, and has set up a voluntary post at a local charity shop.

As soon as Jessica arrives at the shop, things start happening. First, she befriends a teenaged hipster. Then she gets embroiled in a local election. Before long, there is a murder…

Jessica Brick is a spinster sleuth with a difference: she has no detective skills. Charity Ends is her fourth case – a baffling mystery and a dead funny read.

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“The series has gotten better with each story. I strongly recommend this installment– and I can’t wait for the next one!” — Beverly Button, on Goodreads


Psychic Sue Doyer, the village’s leading clairvoyant, is on top of the world. She has made a controversial media deal that will shatter the villagers’ secrets and keep her in the rich lists for years to come. But in the middle of a séance, someone strikes the happy medium.

Jessica teams up with a tarot card reader to discover a truth that nobody could have foreseen…

The Jessica Brick stories have received acclaim from readers around the world. Funny and affectionate tributes to traditional English whodunits, they are guaranteed to keep you amused and baffled — but not as baffled as the brilliant Miss Brick.

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“If you haven’t met Jessica, you’ve missed out on a lot of laughs.” — Beverly Button, on Twitter


6Your favourite sub-super sleuth is back!

Jessica Brick, the well-meaning spinster, is enjoying a routine trip to the chip shop when she runs into a brash American woman, Belinda Berger. No sooner has Jessica introduced herself to the village’s newest resident than she has been roped into playing Queen Victoria in an amateur musical.

The dress rehearsal goes well. But, as Belinda finds out to her cost, a good dress-rehearsal makes a bad first night…

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This long short story is the sixth case of Jessica Brick, who never fails to misread the clues but stumbles on the truth every time.


ESvGescXYAAc5ihElderly spinster Jessica Brick has been thrust into the limelight. Against all the odds, she has become a bestselling crime writer. On her very first (and last) book tour, Jessica meets a young environmental activist who has caught the world’s attention. So, it seems like fate when, returning to her village, Jessica finds that tempers are high over proposals to build a wind turbine on a beloved local landmark.

A group of nuns, belonging to an obscure sect opposing renewable energy, protests the initiative. On the first night of protests, a nun is found dead. Or is she…?

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“A compact, hilarious whodunnit. This author’s thorough grasp of the genre, and human nature, bring a giggle to every sentence.” — Jenny, on AmazonUK