Novellas and Scripts

Killing Sherlock

A 1-act comedy.

In 1892, Sherlock Holmes plunged to his death at the Reichenbach Falls. Or did he? If he didn’t (which he didn’t), why did his biographer Dr Watson make the story up? The truth lies in a hushed-up case, the mystery of the missing music hall singer…

‘Killing Sherlock’ is a one-act comedy, consisting of silly puns, blatant anachronisms, and a cameo from Queen Victoria herself. The game is afoot!

For performance or script enquiries, please use the ‘contact’ page above.


A comic mystery play in 2 acts.

Lorraine Knight, a gossip columnist, is keen to make her name as a serious journalist. And how better to do it than to write a biography of the two greatest detectives in the world — Achille Pierrot and Jessica Brick? Lorraine invites the eccentric French sleuth and the demure spinster to her isolated country house for the weekend, where they are joined by a colourful cast of houseguests: the man-hunting Miss Crimson, the ex-military Colonel Coleman, the gossipy Reverend Lime, and the stolid housekeeper, Mrs Grey. No sooner have the visitors hung up their coats when their hostess is found dead… in a locked room!

This comedy mystery play features a cast of 4 women and 5 men. For performance or script enquiries, please use the ‘contact’ page above.

Dead in the Water

A mystery novella.

1912. The Titanic sets sail.

They call it the Ship of Dreams, a triumphant construction that will take passengers to New York and into the twentieth century. But when a simple maid is murdered on board, there is a band of VIP suspects. The spiritualist, the art dealer, the suffragist, the crime writer… which of them did it? And why?

Grace Ayres needs to know what happened to her sister, and Edgar Cain, a matinee idol with a secret, wants to help her. But when the ship strikes ice, does the truth really matter…?

The Six Deaths of Excalibur Braille

A comic mystery novella.

Inspector Braille is tired of amateur detectives stealing his glory. He invites five of the most distinguished names in crime-solving to a remote island, where he sets them an unsolvable puzzle.

But before things kick off, the lights go out, and Braille is shot to death!

Five sleuths and their sidekicks must battle their own demons – and egos – to uncover six versions of the horrible truth.